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Portuguese companies seek cooperation with Hengqin in scientific research

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Francisco Rocha Gonçalves, Deputy Mayor of Oeiras, Portugal, led this week a delegation of enterprises to visit the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin to learn about the zone’s business environment and pursue further cooperation between the two regions.

Located in the coastal area west of Lisbon, Oeiras covers an area of 45.88 square kilometers and is known as Portugal’s benchmark city for sci-tech innovation, with a number of industrial parks and a total of 25,095 companies.

Oeiras has achieved remarkable results in the fields of scientific research, start-up incubation, as well as medical and healthcare, which align with the industrial layout of Hengqin. Therefore, these two regions enjoy a good foundation for economic and trade cooperation.

In recent years, Hengqin has been focusing on boosting technological research and development, high-end manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, and other Macau-branded industries, cultural tourism, exhibition and trade, as well as modern finance, in order to diversify Macau’s economy.

Lei Chi Wai, Director of the Economic Development Bureau of the zone, said that the cooperation zone has launched a series of preferential policies to support industrial development and provide convenient investment services for overseas enterprises, gradually improving the business environment and supporting facilities. Hengqin welcomes the delegation to invite more enterprises to invest in the zone and explore the Chinese mainland market through Hengqin.

Francisco Rocha Gonçalves hopes to deepen the cooperation between Oeiras and Hengqin in the field of scientific research. He said that Oeiras is an important platform for the cooperation and exchange of high-tech enterprises between China and Portugal. He looks forward to promoting the development of more high-quality enterprises, cultivating more young talent, and working with the cooperation zone to seek new opportunities for development.

António Martins da Cruz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oeiras Valley Investment Agency, said that this visit is a good start to build a bridge for dialogue and exchanges between Oeiras and Hengqin. He looks forward to exploring more cooperation channels to promote exchanges between the two sides, and he welcomes more investors in the cooperation zone to visit Oeiras to promote economic and trade cooperation. 

Source: https://macaudailytimes.com.mo/portuguese-companies-seek-cooperation-with-hengqin-in-scientific-research.html

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