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Lideroll Group turns its attention to Portugal through OVIA

Brazilian online petroleum news website, Petronoticias, reports that Liderroll, a Brazilian constructor of pipelines, turns its attention to Portugal after meeting with Oeiras Valley Investment Agency.

After partaking several times in consultancy projects for the construction of complex gas pipelines in the United States, Asia, and the Middle East, with the participation of construction process companies in some countries in the world where gas pipelines will use tunnel crossing technology, the group Liderroll arrives in Portugal to compete in the European market. Recognized for their experience in the sector, and for being the only specialist worldwide for gas and oil pipelines inside long-distance tunnels, Liderroll group has more than eight exclusive patents registered and granted in more than 53 countries, including the European community and India. Presently, the company takes advantage of the proximity and receptiveness of the Portuguese government to participate in a new project involving oil and gas pipelines.

Portugal has seen the birth of a new agency to internationalize its economy, particularly in the region of Oeiras, with particular attention to the Brazilian business market. OVIA is a not-for-profit organization that aims to “attract investment and contribute to the development and innovation of Oeiras, projecting its companies and partners internationally.”

OVIA met in February with a delegation of 50 Brazilian companies, among them the Chairman of the Board at Liderroll, Paulo Fernandes. Mr. Fernandes said that “the possibility that opens up for the Liderroll Group with the construction of new piers to receive bulk and hydrocarbons on the Portuguese coast, is a great business opportunity. It is important to have other ports of entry for this bulk, inputs, and hydrocarbon-based products using existing piers as alternative ports or those to be built with new ports and maritime terminals, especially on the European continent and elsewhere in the world who might experience this same scenario.”

Ambassador António Martins da Cruz, OVIA´s Chairman of the Board, stated that “Portugal and Brazil have so much in common that and stronger relationship between companies of these two countries is inevitable sooner or later” and made clear that “OVIA is here to help”.


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