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Delegation of Portuguese companies: looking forward to cooperating in these sectors!

On 21 March, Francisco Rocha Gonçalves, Deputy Mayor of Oeiras, Portugal, led a delegation of enterprises to visit the Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin to gain an in-depth understanding of the business environment of the Cooperation Zone and promote in-depth cooperation between the Zone and Oeiras.

The delegation visited the exhibition hall of the cooperation zone, and held exchanges and discussions with the Economic Development Bureau, the Commercial Service Bureau, and the Financial Development Bureau of the cooperation zone, and had an in-depth understanding of the development and construction of the cooperation zone and the development of characteristic industries. Li Ziwei, Director of the Economic Development Bureau of the Cooperation Zone, Peng Jiuru, Deputy Director of the Commercial Service Bureau, and relevant business leaders of the Financial Development Bureau attended the discussion.

At the symposium, Li Ziwei gave a detailed introduction to the overall development of the cooperation zone and explained the investment environment and preferential policies of the cooperation zone. He said that the cooperation zone has launched a series of preferential policies to support industrial development, provide convenient investment services for overseas enterprises, and gradually improve the business environment and supporting facilities, and welcomed the delegation to invite more enterprises to invest and develop in Hengqin and explore the Chinese mainland market through Hengqin.

Francisco Rocha Gonçalves, Deputy Mayor of Oeiraš, introduced the basic situation of Oeiras and expressed the purpose of the visit to Hengqin, and the vision of deepening the cooperation between Oeiras and the cooperation zone in the field of scientific research. He said that Oeiras is an important window and platform for cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking high-tech enterprises, and he looks forward to deepening exchanges and cooperation to promote the development of more high-quality enterprises and young talents and work together with the cooperation zone to seek new development opportunities.

At the symposium, the participants watched the promotional video of Oeiras city and had an in-depth understanding of the development achievements of Oeiras in the fields of scientific research, start-up incubation, medical and health care.

António Martins da Cruz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oeiras Valley Investment Agency, said that this exchange event is a good start, building a bridge for dialogue and exchanges between the two sides, and looking forward to exploring more ways of cooperation to promote exchanges between the two places, and at the same time welcoming more investors from the cooperation zone to visit and invest in Oeiras to promote economic and trade cooperation between the two places.

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