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Discover the top
reasons to invest in Oeiras Valley

Dynamic Economy

Oeiras Valley is the location of choice for both large multinational
and growing new companies
, posting an impressive concentration
of non-financial businesses. In Oeiras you will find the leading tech, pharma, auto and consumer goods multinationals, alongside some of the largest Portuguese groups in diverse sectors, such as construction,
media & broadcasting, and sports

The success of the Oeiras Valley concept is the product of a well-crafted development strategy that positioned Oeiras as the second municipality
in Portugal with the highest non-financial turnover and the third in terms
of contribution to the country’s GDP.

Total Turnover of Non-Financial Organizations



% of enrollments in higher education
master's or doctoral programs

Oeiras has a very high concentration of qualified human capital ,
with an average percentage of resident population with higher education well above the national and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area average.

Oeiras is home to a significant concentration of highly regarded institutions
that excel in both education and research.

These organizations are well-known for its specialized workforce from all over the world
and its substantial contribution to the local and national economy.

Boosting Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Sized Companies

In Oeiras, both founders and investors find the ideal regulatory
ambiance and networking opportunities
necessary for startups
to test business models and to build its market.

The results are clear: local small and medium size businesses
are regularly awarded excellence prizes
, and at least two of the
country’s well-known unicorns were born and have grown in the municipality.

Strategic Location

Portugal is one of the most attractive spots for establishing a European outpost. The country’s location, skilled resources and overall quality of life, not to mention language skills, have been an advantage comparing to our closest neighbors.

But where in Portugal?

Oeiras Valley has been a strong player in science, technology and innovation for decades and is now one of the top locations for knowledge-based businesses.
This position is mainly due to the wealth of business and human resources in the territory, but also for its incredible capacity to make things happen and the potential to attract top notch talent.

Quality of Life

Oeiras is not only a great place to live, but also a smart investment opportunity.

With its thriving economy, highly educated workforce, and excellent quality of life,
Oeiras is an attractive destination for investors looking to grow their portfolio.
But the reasons to prefer Oeiras as a municipality to live and work are many more:

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