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Public Presentation of Oeiras Valley Investment Agency

Oeiras Valley Investment Agency (OVIA), a not-for-profit organization, held a public presentation on November 17, 2022, with the attendance of the Mayor of Oeiras, Isaltino Morais.

The Mayor emphasized the importance of these types of agencies, given that attracting new investors seems more and more challenging in light of the current international economic environment.

OVIA, chaired by former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz, was created to connect foreign and domestic investors and projects. It aids foreign investors in finding new opportunities in Portugal, and Oeiras in particular, and Portuguese investors in exporting goods and services.

Chairman António Martins da Cruz assured that OVIA’s strategy is in “perfect alignment with the country’s and Oeiras: to reaffirm the municipality in its innovation, technology and investment attraction endeavors” and added, “We will follow through with the strategy developed by Oeiras since 2019, concentrating international corporations in Oeiras, helping to create more jobs, developing the economy, and promoting this thriving entrepreneurial environment.”

The action plan for the first year was also unveilled, and roadshows in London and Brasil were announced before the audience.

While 25 companies are already members, including some of the largest Portuguese companies Millennium BCP or Altice, a strong emphasis was also placed on the plans to create a startup incubator for high-end and high-value propositions.

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