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OVIA meets with Magnify Afterburner Capital Partners

On February 15, OVIA met with Magnify Afterburner Capital Partners, a company that creates and manages funds and projects in various areas to promote and expand companies’ businesses.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Chairman of OVIA’s Board of Directors, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz, the former Director for Territorial Planning, Urban Development, and Environment (Municipality of Oeiras), Architect Luís Serpa, and OVIA’s Secretary-General, Dr. Tiago Sousa Dias, it was presented the portfolio of real estate investment projects in the Municipality of Oeiras.

Magnify Afterburner Capital Partners, which became an OVIA Member after the meeting, will be a relevant link between all the projects available and groups of investors wishing to channel their funds into the construction of housing, tourism and offices which will provide added value for the population of Oeiras and the “Oeiras Valley” ecosystem.

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