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OVIA at the presentation of the Cidade do Padel (Padel City) project

The Chairman of the Board of OVIA, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz, attended the presentation of the “Cidade do Padel” (Padel City) project to the Mayor of Oeiras.

The presentation of the project by Smooth Odissey, Lda, a consortium formed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Filipe de Botton, was also attended by representatives of the winning consortium. The contract for the construction of “Cidade do Padel” (Padel City) was signed between the Portuguese Padel Federation and Smooth Odissey, which provides for the construction and operation of the facilities.

The OVIA, through its Chairman of the Board, congratulated all parties, expressing the utmost enthusiasm and hope for the success of this project which will bring new attention to Padel and to Oeiras, not only at national level but also on the international scene of this sport.

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