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OVIA and the Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCILC) signed a Cooperation Protocol

On September 5, OVIA and CCILC, represented by the Chairman of the Board of OVIA, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz, and the Secretary-General of CCILC, Bernardo Mendia, signed a Cooperation Protocol at CCILC’s headquarters.

As part of the Cooperation Protocol, business initiatives will contribute globally to economic dynamization, internationalization, competitiveness and attracting investment through synergies. This Protocol will promote knowledge about the Chinese market, communicate business opportunities, and encourage trade and reciprocal investments.

In addition, both institutions will be jointly responsible for promoting Oeiras and Portugal in the People’s Republic of China, through participation in economic missions and other relevant events with high added value for the local and national economy, which will culminate in the enhancement of installed economic activity and the production of wealth and qualified employment.

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