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OVIA and PHKCCI signed a Memorandum of Understanding

On June 6, OVIA and PHKCCI – Portugal-Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and Industry signed a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at establishing dynamics in the areas of economy and competitiveness, internationalization, and investment attraction, ahead of the conference organized in partnership by both organizations on the theme “Business Opportunities in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area”, which took place in the municipality of Oeiras.

OVIA´s Chairman of the Board and the President of PHKCCI, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz and Mr. Bernardo Mendia, respectively, therefore continued the work aimed at promoting the existing opportunities in Portugal, Hong Kong SAR, and China on a bilateral basis.

In addition to business training activities, leading to the promotion of knowledge about access to the Hong Kong market, trade will also be encouraged to generate reciprocal investments in Hong Kong, China, and Oeiras, as well as the organization of and participation in local and national economic events that contribute to strengthening the installed activity, the production of wealth and the supply of qualified employment. PHKCCI is an organization established to promote economic relations and bilateral trade between Portugal and the Hong Kong SAR, as well as serve and impact its Members and its business community to expand and strengthen existing relations between both regions in the business, cultural, sporting, and educational spheres, among others.

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