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Dongcheng delegation and OVIA meet in Oeiras after Business Mission to China

On November 7, OVIA met with the Dongcheng delegation at Taguspark, during their visit to Oeiras, and after the Business Mission to China held last September, which was organized by the Municipality of Oeiras, namely to the Dongcheng District, Beijing, and in which OVIA and its Associates participated.

In the morning, OVIA attended the Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on Strengthening Exchanges in the Realms of Education, Culture, Economy and Trade between the District of Dongcheng and the Municipality of Oeiras. In the afternoon, a meeting between OVIA and the delegation took place. The Chairman of the Board, Ambassador António Martins da Cruz, presented the Agency, as well as the work carried out in Oeiras Valley. After the presentation, there was a Q&A period, followed by an exchange of information and ideas about the potentialities of Oeiras and its industrial and business investment opportunities.

Taguspark was also presented by its CEO, Eduardo Correia. Pedro Patacho, Oeiras City Councillor, Bernardo Mendia, Secretary-General of the Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCILC), an institution with which OVIA recently signed a Cooperation Protocol, and Victor Li Kang, OVIA’s Representative in China, were also in attendance.

This year, the Municipality of Oeiras and the District of Dongcheng celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Cooperation Agreement and a range of future initiatives are planned to support and reinforce the Agreement signed by the Municipality and the District.

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