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Cristiano Ronaldo Invests in Oeiras 

OVIA, in close coordination with the Municipality of Oeiras, facilitated the project to build the “Cidade do Padel” (Padel City), an investment won and led by the Lusofinança and CR7 consortium, companies represented by Filipe Maurício de Botton and Cristiano Ronaldo, respectively.

The “Cidade do Padel” (Padel City), a beacon of innovation and excellence that will rise near Jamor, located within the urban perimeter of Oeiras, is a sports facility of unequivocal relevance at world level and a commitment to sustainability and to the population.

This sports complex will offer an extraordinary place for lovers of this sport to compete and evolve, training programs of unparalleled quality, and renowned events while preserving the natural ecosystem surrounding it as well as contributing to the community’s quality of life.

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