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Brazilian students and entrepreneurs meet with OVIA in Oeiras

On November 10, an entourage of students and entrepreneurs from Brazil visited Taguspark to explore new opportunities in education and business.

The visit, organized by the Marquês de Pombal Foundation and with the participation of OVIA, consisted of a guided tour of the science and technology park, followed by the official opening of the event by the President of the Marquês de Pombal Foundation, Nelson Pires, and presentations of Taguspark by its CEO, Eduardo Correia, and of the Investment Agency by its Secretary General, Tiago Sousa Dias. There were also presentations by start-ups from the Taguspark incubator and a Q&A session afterward.

In addition to strengthening economic ties between the two countries, this visit aims to expand the possibilities of attracting and retaining human talent to Oeiras, which is necessary for the development and prosperity of the region and Portugal, an objective of OVIA and the other organizations working on behalf of the municipality and the country.

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